How to earn Free Boss Coins?

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    really need not be a coin that can help us a lot in a player's buying transaction or can also buy a training camp ... how about getting a lot of points?

  • @manz-amro-zero Hi & welcome to World forum! 🙂

    Are you asking about free Boss Coins or Manager Points ? A bit confused tbh. 😕

  • @manz-amro-zero Nevermind my friend, I will answer to both possible questions. 😉

      How we can earn free Boss coins :

    1⃣ Every active manager on Osm is rewarded with 1 Boss Coin every six (6) hours during each day.
    ⚠ Warning! : If a manager does not loggin for more than 24 hours then of course he / she shall miss this bonus!

    2⃣ Every active manager has access to the Business Club. It's the place that has to do with the OSM's Sponsors and you will find it on the menu of any active Slot inside the game application.

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    You can once again very easily earn Boss Coins ( 1 or 2 ) by simply watching commercial videos/advertisements or by choosing one of the special offers , games, surveys etc coming from these Sponsors.

    3⃣ Every manager has the so called Achievements on his game profile page
    { } .
    For each one of the completed Achievements there is a certain reward of Boss Coins waiting for the manager to earn it.

    4⃣ Every manager who participates in a league and completes the league in a good position, by achieving his team's original goal or even higher, gets rewarded with an amount of Boss Coins. This amount is not the same for every manager or every league. It depends on the final results of the manager ( League position - Total Manager Points - Winning Cup trophy or Championship etc )

    ⚠ Warning! : If the squad's / team's Goal / Objective (required League's position) is not achieved then the manager can not be rewarded!

    And that's all about the free Boss Coins and I believe it's good enough for a start. 😉

  • @manz-amro-zero

       How we can earn 10.000 MPs
            in one Season / League:

    Please read carefully this topic / post.
    MPs means Manager Points.

    Best of luck & have fun!😄 ✌