Is the defenders attack rate important ?

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    any rb-lb or centre back players working on game ?
    as you know some defenders has higher attack , should i use them for rb-lb or doesnt matter ?

  • Yes, there are the differences between defenders with a higher attack and lower attack, and putting them as a wing players (LB/RB) or central backs is important thing to do in achieving success.

  • I tend to use a rule of thumb.

    Below 20 CB,
    20 - 30 Fullback (defend deep, support mid),
    30+ Wingback (attacking fullbacks).
    But there are exceptions like Pavard and Klostermann, the former a damn good att FB and the latter can be played anywhere and in any style and will give a good performance).

  • Absolutely not.

    Fromy my experience in this game for many years I have learned that it literally plays no role at all. I've had cases where the defender with 10 attack had more goals than the one with 20-30 attack rate, so to me, this has no role at all, it's all up to the simulation engine.

  • Goals are not really about attacking stat though. The att stat is more about ability to get fwd in an open play attacking movement.

    So if you think it plays no role. Would you place/ have you placed a defender with below 10 att stat at FB and set attacking full backs and 80+ all out attack and won convincingly in a tough game?

  • @uchihacrowz
    My opinion would be :
    Yes! It does matter. Especially whenever I choose a formation that goes well with the Wing Play. I defo place my best attacking defenders on my wings. And I expect from them to either steal the ball from the opposition's attackers or perform an effective offside trap or even score a goal in some rare cases. I expect most of my goals to be earned firstly from my attackers and/or from my mids.