• U told me to look to the common questions but the problem is there that it is possible that the scout couldn't find a keeper with 90+ quality but what about the other tasks like that the gk should be younger than 25 and please don't tell me that he also couldn't find a gk younger than 25.

    I used my coins just for nothing i got nothing what was usefull for me...

  • @tayfur_1 Hi, welcome.
    There are not many 90+ below 25 years old and keep in mind that those players are also first gone most of the time.

    When scout isn't able to find an exact match then it will comes back with the next best thing.

  • @tayfur_1 I am not from support but would suggest in pre-season first day to scout for a keeper below 25 and in high 80s and you will get guys like Onana, Lafont, Pickford, Donurramma. But this is a limited window.

  • @tayfur_1 There are not a lot players with criteria you want, and there may be a chance that some of players are already taken by someone in your league.

  • @TayfuR_1 @Hespera @Hans-Orf @Manager-PR-9
    Thank you all for your posts & help. 🤝

    As a conclusion to the above posts:

    The more criteria you use for your scout the more you get to minimize the scope of your research. Especially when it comes to Goalkeepers , for the majority of them are experienced ( 25 - 29 ) or veterans ( 30+ ).
    If you ask for certain Nationality or League things get even harder for that GK scouting.

    Tip of the day , as Hans Orf mentioned earlier:
    It's better to begin your scouting with a young GK from the early / preparation days of your league. Especially when it comes to big leagues filled with experienced and highly competitive managers.