Cannot buy Boss Coins by phone

  • The title says it all... I'm tired of doing surveys and downloading games since I still don't own a credit card or Paypal account... I used to pay by phone and now the icon disapeared in pc and mobile versions... nd I have serious CCL battles with my crew!! help

  • maybe this would help


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    Hello mate! 🙂

    Since GameBasics was obliged to change her payment methods , us users we have to do a little research about this matter.
    Every country and every platform has it's own payment systems. Some systems may not be available in all countries.
    Google Wallet/Play has lots of payment systems, so if you play OSM via your Android App then you could proceed with your purchases via Google Play and pay through your phone's balance.
    But it's up to you really and to your local /country's regulations.

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