Update proposal for Osm President

  • Dear Osm president, I have an update i would like you to consider. several times in my Osm game playing history, me and my family have went on several trips. during which I had no opportunity to check on my teams. So I thought of an idea that I would call assistant manager, or head coach. This would sort of work like auto pilot in an aircraft. In a aircraft, autopilot can not do very important things like landing/taking of, but it can keep you from crashing. Its the same thing for Head coach, it can not sell/buy players, do training camp, or secret training, but it can take care of tactics, lineup, spying, and training players. My suggestion, was that he would have a page under staff, and there would be a button to put him to work. when you press that button, it automatically signs you out. He will continue to take care of your team until you sign in again. Also, he should be paid every match day he is at work. Any way, I hope you consider it. P.S. This is my favorite soccer game. 😀

  • They sort of do that already, if you are inactive for a while, the Computer sets up your tactics for you.

  • @manchester-munch really? how long does it take to become active?😲

  • @superpickle I think it's quite a long time, but it happens anyways. Nothing to be worried about though.

  • @superpickle said in Update proposal for Osm President:

    @manchester-munch really? how long does it take to become active?😲

    From the first moment that you leave your line up completely empty. Then the Osm engine sets players for you on the line up.
    But mind you! The engine uses the last settings that you have placed for your formation and tactics.

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