cannot login on app, email verification mail has been received, but password change not.

  • Hi There,

    I cant change my password, my mobile did make an auto password, but i dont know what it is. Now I cannot login on the app, but if I log on via my PC it work when I say login via Facebook. that also doesnt work via app

  • @simonsnel_1_nl Hello and welcome to the World forum. 🙂

    Taken from my own Android Osm App :

    World Version Image -

    alt text

    Dutch Version Image -

    alt text

    So please look at the button of the top right corner. Are you sure you were using the correct region / version while trying to loggin ?
    Your account belongs to the Dutch version .

    If you are sure you did everything right with your App , then please contact with your local support team via a mail at :
    Providing them your username and password
    and they will help you out. 😉