• What happens if the teams do not make permanent transfers, even if it is the transfer period? We think I need something like this.

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    @Alpanu Hello mate. :relaxed:

    What do you mean by: permanent transfers ? Care to explain it please a bit more?

  • hi bro :)
    In summary I want transfer season :)

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    @Alpanu said in transfers:

    hi bro :)
    In summary I want transfer season :)

    Yeah I'm actually a sis , not a bro, but anyway...:laughing:

    So once again I do not follow you my friend. Please forget the summary and give us a full detailed explanation.
    What exactly is that you want for your game and how may we help you?

    Your title says: Transfers.
    Transfers = Buying and selling players.
    There is no such thing as a Transfer season. You can always use the Transferlist of your league to buy or sell a player , starting from preparation day 1 till the final day of the league you play.
    So honestly your post has confused me mate. :confused:

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