• Turkish Moderator

    When the crew wars commenced at first, the crew leader and its captains, may include maximum four for each other, can fought at choice. So, it didn't needed that waiting for five people came to the crew for the opening of the war. Then the property was removed. Some crews choose initiation to four wars in same day. However, it is pretty hard in the current situation. Although four people go to the war, the fifth person may not come if s/he is not available at that moment. And it causes delays. If it happen as I drewed simply at bottom, it can be more beneficial. Four wars are started at the same time and crew competents notify to members they which war they come. Thanks to this, it is not necessary that waiting 20 people for coming the war in order. Each teams contain five member in the crew are in charge of themselves.


  • I agree, at least each manager should have 2 war participation.