Any explanations?

  • So, before a match I chose my 84 overall goalkeeper but after the match i was shocked to see that I have made a draw and when I saw the ratings there was listed the name of the goalkeeper which has 57 overall, but when I checked my first line-up , the 84 overall goalkeeper was there and not the 57 one. Can you answer me because this bug has lost me the championship... Also some matches tend to start early than the schedule says it should (also losing a cup final)

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    can you please provide use some pics from the situation you have posted above ?


    The pictures aren't relevant, I can show you but you can also accuse me of changing the goalkeepers before the screenshot, do I still show you?

  • @Bob-Dallas You wont be accused of anything :) If you've found a bug we will want to know so it can be fixed!

  • @ruby2003
    Yeah, but I've told you , that was the last round now the slot is free... Btw , I must add that I changed my line-up 5 minutes before the match and the players were already used ( they were tired ).

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