• I read the answer from the previous post. It does not work for me. I do not get that interest because I have the money in the savings account. If that puts in the next payment will have that percentage, but after the payment is not that increase. I already happened in the previous season and it is happening to me in this one. I do not get that interest.

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    @Juanan-VS Hello again Juanan. :relaxed:

    Then my friend I'm afraid that you might have a bug to kill. So what are you waiting for ?

    We will need from you to fill in your bug report and post it in here with all the details and please make sure you add a screen shot of your problem.

    Please take a look at the link here :
    You will find all the infos about how to fill in your bug report. Do it asap my friend, so that you 'll stop losing money.

    I'll be waiting for your new post with your report. Thank you in advance Juanan. :handshake_tone2:

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    @Apollo-Caccamo said in Interest:

    pls I have a bug, in the best bomber list of my championship. I cannot see that, the related menĂ¹ go on to charge in a loop. I must to send the screen shot?

    Hi, this topic is about a different bug, please create a new topic explaining the bug you have found. Thanks.

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