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    Over a week ago I completed an offer from Iron Source's offerwall. I had to spend money on a certain app and it would give me 1500 boss coins for doing so. I didn't receive the coins and the offer also didn't show it was completed. Because of that I decided to contact them. I contacted their support and sent them proof (payment information ect). I waited a couple of days but other than an automated e-mail they ignored me. I decided to write one more e-mail in case it got lost. And again they didn't reply. So basically I got scammed. Why exactly are you giving these scammers a platform?

    I know you're not responsible for Iron Source's actions but I ended up on their offerwall through OSM...
    This time it wasn't a lot of money at all, but I just think it's a little unfair. What do I do now, to solve this?


  • @jaronsmadrid_nl Hi, welcome.

    If you'll read this topic: common-questions then you'll know exactly on what to next when you didn't received the BC's from special free offers.