• Hi, in the champions league me and my friends helped our other friend to win the league. We sold players and resold to him at a better price. The problem is when I tried to report a suspicious player it show to me that our champions league were under investigation. We all quit but our friend is actually first in the league so he doesn’t. Do you think that he will be kicked of the league? And what are the consequences if they say that he cheated. Thanks all and have a good afternoon**

  • @antoine1967 Hello there and welcome to the OSM game & forums. 🙂

    I regret to inform you that what you have described in your post is totally against the game rules of play.
    Therefore for starters I must advise you and your friends to read carefully the OSM Terms of Use
    Secondly , any discussion about possibly cheating involved is not to be handled or replied via the forums. So please send a detailed mail to our Staff Support : EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com
    and mention the name of this league and your username and your friend's too. After that you just wait to get your reply on your mail box.

    Thank you in advance.