• Hello guys! We are not sure if this is actually a bug. But wanted to posted it here just in case.

    My crew (IDAS) started a crew battle with EMT Italians Academy last night (21-05-2019). We set things up for the morning transfer sims as usual. This morning the first transfer sim happened like always. But this was strangely followed by another transfer sim about 10 mins later. And the transfer simulations pretty much stopped after that. Normally there are transfer sims about ever 2 hours throughout the days. But our league hasn't had a transfer sim in over 6 hours. I know transfer sims dry up as the end of season approaches. But seeing something like this happening at the beginning of the season, especially during the preparatory phase is disconcerting. Like I already mentioned, we aren't sure if this a bug. But we would really appreciate it if you took a look at it. You can find the crew battle in my 3rd slot. Thanks in advance!


  • @tony-alvera Hello Anir ! 😄 Thanks for reporting this mate.

    You are absolutely right about what you've wrote. Every new league , especially during prep days , gets to have lots of sold players for all managers during the Transfer Windows ( Same time , every 2 hours ) Meaning for your case you should normally have sold players ( guessing now ) at 05.09 am - 07.09 am - 09.09 am etc , something like this.
    My first move was to check out the Simulation Status. Right now it looks like all Servers are working just fine.
    Nevertheless, it is a possibility that some hours ago, probably in the early morning , there was a malfunction with your Server.
    So , which one is your new battle league's Server Anir ? Maybe the devvers have already fixed any possible malfunction.
    I need from you to inform us if the Transfer Windows are still stuck and if no manager at all gets to sell players.
    In case your TL is still stuck then please fill in a Bug Report Template with all the required details and infos.

    Thank you in advance mate! 🤝

  • @supernova-8 Thank you Sofie ^^ I think our league is on the 'Granit' server. But there is an update in regards to this.
    The transfers seem to be working again. We finally had a transfer sim about an hour ago. Whatever the issue was, it seems to have been fixed.
    So unless someone else is having similar problems with their league, I think this topic can be closed.