Losing after dominating the game again, I quit

  • Dutch Users

    Hello, today was the day I decided to stop playing OSM forever.
    There is a simple reason, I lost a game with 17-6 shots in my favor with 0-1.
    This was the last time I screwed me over, it's too infuriating too handle.
    This is'nt the only time this happened, this happens to me 4-5 times per season, and it's just too unfair for me to handle. I invest a lot of time into this game, just to lose unfairly against teams who just doesn't deserve to win against my squad.
    I hope the OSM mods do something about this, too keep long time manager like myself aboard.
    But this is it for me, it has been too much.

  • @florla_nl lol i don't think you're football fans then, don't you see that Liverpool won against Spurs with only 35% possesion??

  • @gilbert-gentania And also Romania won 4-2 at EURO U21 against England with 24% possession.

    @Florla_NL It's hard to see that, I know, but it happens, it also depends on which tactics you are using 😉

  • Usual stuff, every league happens to me at least twice. I even managed to lost couple time against teams that had 1 or 2 shots against me. My Premier League that finished couple days ago, I lost on goal difference because I played 2 0-0 draws against PC team. Of course in every game I had like 10 shots more on target.