• I just recently started trying to build squads with players from the same country but I haven't really noticed any difference. How many players from one country do you need in your starting 11 for this boost to work? So far I've heard 5 or 6.

  • @jonas-bichara Hi mate

    You need to have 6 or more players from the same Nationality in your Line-up. I think that no one knows exactly about the quantitative approximation of the bonus. It's something you'll have to find out by testing it. It's not like 'Training Camp' but more like 'Specialists' better.

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  • @lirind said in Nationality boost:

    It's not like 'Training Camp' but more like 'Specialists' better.

    Could you clarify what do you mean with this sentence?
    Up to this point I thought that fielding at least 6 players of the same nationality would boost the performance (by an unknown, small but noticeable amount) of the specialists if they are of said nationality.

  • @ewansalter Hi mate

    We choose a specific player for every match as a captain or as a penalty taker etc... even though we do not have a standard percentage of success in our selection. The same applies to the nationality bonus. For more information click the link below....

    Nationality Bonus

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  • @Jonas-Bichara @EwanSalter @Lirind Hello , welcome to the World forum and thank you all for your posts. 🙂
    If you follow the link that Lirind shared with you guys on his last post, you will find everything there is to know about this feature.
    Thanks for your help Lirind . 🤝 Time to close this one . 👌