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    Re: Stadium update error

    Guys any help ? Shouthhampton team i canot upgrade my stadium !!!

    [link![0_1482510246574_image.png](Uploading 100%) )


  • @Abdullah-Araab Hello mate and welcome to the English forum. ☺

    Please do me a favor and tell me what kind of device are you using to loggin on OSM?
    I took a look at your game profile... Are you using your mobile phone and the iOS ?
    I need from you to check on the number of your OSM app version please.
    Do you use the V.4.1.5 of iOS or not? If not then please download the latest version of the game on your device.
    If you still face problems with any feature then we will need from you to fill in a bug report.
    But first make sure you have the right application installed on your phone. 😉

    I'll be waiting for your feedback. Thank you Abdullah. :handshake_tone2: