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    Good night, I do not know if it's a mistake or if it's intentional, but I do not like to lose. What happens is that (it's not the first time) I'll get the players to train (8h) when it's 8:20 for the next game, and what happens? The game is anticipated and I can not use the players who are training. Or they say it's an estimate of time or not. This makes me lose the enthusiasm of the game in competitive leagues against other players and I ponder if it happens again and all players in my league abandon the game for once.

    Regards, SquibidiFaps

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate, it get's on my nerves too, when this happens to me. That's because when many league finish the same time, the computer don't have as many leagues to calculate and makes less time, so starts/finish the simulation earlier.
    You can always finish your training earlier by paying some coins but if you don't have that option, try to schedule the training of your players to finish early enough to have them ready for the line up.
    Happy New Year 🎅