• Hello, as seen in "Leagues", there are all leagues in the game, and next to it is the date it was updated.

    I wanted to question, or have at least one conclusion about this below:


    alt text


    alt text


    alt text

    In picture 1, it shows that the German League was last updated on 10/08/2019.

    In picture 2 shows the player Coutinho, already in the FC Bayern München team

    In image 3, it shows real life data. Where is the Transfer Date that was 19/08/2019.

    That is, if we go by logic, it would be impossible for Coutinho to be at FC Bayern München at OSM.

    The player moved to FC Bayern München about 1 week after the league was last updated.

    The same goes for Daniel Alves in São Paulo.







    What I wanted to know is:

    • Have leagues been updated and not the dates of updates?
    • Not always when they change the league, are the date recorded?

    Because, as we know, there is no longer that ScoutList that previously existed, which was interconnected with the OSM, and you could find any player, filtering by Positions, Over, Age, Style, Nationality, League, Team .... and etc.

    So with that, I myself produced a spreadsheet for my group, where I and other group members feed as leagues update, whenever it is recorded that a league has been updated, let's go and check team by team and include or update it in the spreadsheet. .

    So, I came to question this subject here, just to have a clarification.

    It would be of the utmost importance the information regarding the above questions to continue our work on this.

    I'm in the forefront of an answer, greetings friend.

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    You only see the complete league updates in this screen, where all the players have been evaluated and promotion/relegations have taken place. After the big update transfers will be updated on a regular basis until the transfer deadline, but no other players will be evaluated again.

  • Any answers from forum moderators?

  • Community Manager

    Hi mate,

    In this topic you can find more information about league updates on OSM:

    The date in the league overview indicates when a league has been completely updated and also includes the relegation and promotion of teams. The updates of transfers consists of a different process beside the league updates, which will be carried out on a regular basis.

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