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    I would like know how it works the transfer lists.. For example if i am managing the premier league everyday show up radom and good players in the transfer list, but i am training a morrocan league, and i want to buy some players cause i have 83 M and i can't cause doesn't show any player above the average of my team! And the transfer list itself is very short and the players are all 60/65/70... I would like to know how it works, why in English premier league it shows a lot of players everyday and in morrocan league feels like the tl is just dead! Is it cause of the activity of the managers?

    Thank you... Please answer me instead of just remove the topic...

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    scout for players

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    @supersicko Yeah but that cost at least 15 coins for player i bring to my team!

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    Hello and welcome to the World forum 🙂

    Please have a look at this topic ~
    And to answer to your question : yes you are right about the activity within the league.
    The more human managers are in the league the more players get to be placed on the TL and are getting sold.
    This way the OSM engine adds new players on the TL during each 2 hours transfer windows.
    But if the league lacks of human managers and action at the TL then naturally the game's engine does not refresh the TL that often with new improved players.

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    This is a known problem for the managers who play smaller leagues, which are less popular and contain few human managers. The transfer engine looks at the average of players in the league and will add new players from the transfer list based on that average. If your team is much better than the other teams there will be just a few players which are slightly better than your players and there might be no better players anymore when you have bought these few better players.

    It has been worse than it currently is, but there still is a turning point in more inactive leagues after which I stop buying players. You can focus on training instead. Maybe OSM wants to encourage you to scout better players, but the question is: if you need better players in your league.