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    I joined a league that I intend to resign from as I joined 30 mins before the league starts..the match has been delayed for over 14 hrs so far!! Its frustrating as I want to get a new league started already.

    Managers should be allowed to leave a league during preseason to avoid such potential delays, at least until the delay is sorted once and for all.

    My question is, how much longer do I have to wait? its driving me crazy!

    Also, it would be nice if before signing for a club, the amount of hrs is clearly indicated at the time of signing rather than amount of days.


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    ..Need an admin to reply. Its been almost 24 hrs!!!!

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    Hello mate,
    all leagues looks like have been simulated on time... can you please tell us which league are you talking about, with which team are you playing...
    On other words can you please fill the template given on the first topic, to be able to find out if this is a bug and treat this as we should ?

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    Login: AlBinali17
    Account: Slot4
    League number: Don't know how to find it. OSM moderator.
    Date & Time of the bug: 25th of December 2016 at 20:30 GMT
    Platform: Android and Ipad
    Bug step-by-step Description: The match has been delayed almost 24 hrs.
    League chosen: Luxembourg
    Team: US Mondorf-les Bains

    App Version: Latest
    Brand/type device: Samsung 7 Edge and Ipad
    OS version: Latest version

    13 out of a possible 14 managers joined the league after I had joined and I joined 30 mins before the first match was due to start...though they joined after the match had started and is yet to finish. I checked the simulator, it was complete approximately during the first hr of the match starting. The server is Carlos.

    I'm losing valuable game time on slot 4, I'd like for the matter to be resolved as quickly as possible. And please pass along the the suggestion of allowing managers to resign during preseason.. in case such a thing occurs again.

    Thank a lot for the response.

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    After a 24 hr delay, the problem has been resolved. That said, I'd like to ask a quick question as to whether I should join a league which states pre season days left 4 or pre season days left 1 to maximise the pre season days. As previously I joined pre season 4 and there was 30 mins left before the first game was due to start and I just joined a league thats pre season 1 thats 22 hrs away.

    Quick advice on the matter would be appreciated and this topic may be closed. Though I'd like the matter of the delay to be addressed.


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    well, my league is delayed... again! Perhaps your league is functioning, my league is on hold...