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    Does someone know, if I fall out from the European Elit Cup, can I leave the leaugue whitout considering the leaving as resignation (what appears on my profile)?

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    Hi mate!

       Basic Infos about the New Tournament 

    Q : Can I create my own Tournament?
    A : No, this is not possible yet.

    Q : How about away games?
    A : Currently the Knockout phase is only played on neutral grounds. We hope to add away games in the future.

    Q : Will yellow or red cards be dismissed after the Quarter Final?
    A : No they won't.

    Q : Do I have home ground advantage if I upgrade my Stadium?
    A : Only during the Group Stage. In the Knockout-phase the matches are played on neutral grounds.

    Q : Can I resign from my team?
    A : You can only resign when you're knocked out of the Tournament.

    Q : If I resign after being knocked out, will my resign count go up?
    A : No, it won't go up after you've been knocked out.

    There you go, all the details about the tournament.

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    @Kings-Dutza Mulțumesc mult! 🙂

  • @Kings-Dutza
    Now it is possible to create from app. Yes?

  • @نااانسي-عجرم said in European Elit Cup:

    Now it is possible to create from app. Yes?

    Hello there. 🙂
    Why do you use the word "Create" my friend?
    Our fellow Moderator has already posted that nobody is able to create his own new Tournament , like we can do with other leagues . So what exactly are you asking us here buddy ?

  • @نااانسي-عجرم

    So to clear things out , a nice example . 😉
    The below screen shot was taken from my OSM App.

    alt text

    And let's say that I want to participate on this Tournament with Real Madrid. But it's not easy to find this Club free and available for me to manage. After all it is one of the strongest and most popular ones. 😅
    Therefore I decide to spend 100 Boss Coins and pick Real ( since I want that so bad 😋 ).
    By doing that, yes I am able to start/open a new Tournament , if this is what you tried to tell us in your post. But mind you my friend !
    Those 100 Boss Coins will not make me the Moderator of the Tournament. Not possible !
    OSM is the League Moderator for all the Tournaments!

    That's all for this matter. 🙂 Have fun !
    Good games ! ✌