• Spanish Users

    Since a few days ago. I noticed that give upvotes or downvotes are restricted. Why? I dint see abuse of that in Forum. I think that u can restrict negative (downvotes) but limit upvotes?

    Also there is a restriction voting anymore in X thread. THe next image show a music thread, u mean that never i Can upvote music that I like? really? I also have this problem in WNT

    Also with some users I cant downvote or upvote anymore, infinity days?

    Its clearly not a bug, or issues. I think that Its imposed recentrly. And like many people here thinks it limits us. PLease retrieve that, or at least re think only for downvotes.

    CHeck this images below.


  • Yes problem
    I wish the voting return as it was previously

  • @EdgarEAM @3AFOUNA

    Hello my friends ! 😃

    I would like to inform you and every member of our community on this matter.

    About the new voting limits...
    After last week's Forum update, some new features were installed and the people working on this project are still trying to decide how to set them up in the best possible way for all of us. Being one of them ( new features ), the new rules for the Reputation (upvote/downvote) system.
    Please in the mean time, I kindly ask of you all to remain calm and be a little patient for as long as the devs are working on our Forums.

    Thank you all for your understanding. 🤝