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    I'm about halfway through a Serie A season in Italy in a league moderated by OSM. When I logged in today it went straight to the Choose League page. The only three menu options are Home (which redirects to Choose League), Team (which only has one option, Free Boss Coins) and Community which seems to work normally. I can't find anything in my profile to show my current team or my team history. I haven't had any email notifications to explain what might have happened. Do you have any idea what's happened and what I could do to sort it out?

  • @EthanE Hello and welcome to the OSM and World forum 🙂

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  • @EthanE Ethan could you please try the following steps ?

    1. Looks like you are using your browser while trying to enter OSM. I need you to first clean up all the past History , cache , cookies etc from your browser.
    2. I'm guessing you are going to an OSM page while you aren't logged in to your OSM account. That doesn't work and so you get that problem. So first type on your address-bar : en.onlinesoccermanager.com/login , to get to the login page. From there you have to type your personal OSM credentials ( Username & Password ) in order to get access to your account.
      Let me know please if you are good to go after that.
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    That worked, thank you Supernova 8, I have everything back now. 👍

    And thanks for getting back to me so quickly before my next match was played.

  • @EthanE Perfect!! Thanks for letting me know Ethan. 😁👍
    Best of luck with your match mate! ✌