Searching for official battles

  • We been searching for a battle since Sunday the 20th October. It’s now Saturday 26th. We only have 1 battle playing now and one due to reset tonight

    Eagles of Kosovo (in 9th) started 2 battles, Luso (in 7th and TURK (in 6th) All on Thursday. Red Devils (in 5th)started 2 on Friday 26th. I’m sure most these crews would want to play us and a chance for them to catch up.

    How do we miss all these crews? We’ve only looked at the crews near us that have been ending and sure we missed loads more. This is not fair play and looks like we’re being punished for being in 2nd and not getting any extra battles. A lot of the crews have at least 3 playing and some 4. We have played a lot less battles than most of crews round us? Someone who knows please help or explain to me why this is happening? It’s not as if we’re miles infront on battle points/medals?

  • @jeffro-davies Jeff the answer to this question was already given on the topic that you created on the OSM - The Game category :
    As you can see it is not locked yet and if anything new needs to be added it will happen on that topic.
    Please do not open other topics about the same matter. Thank you.