Being Able to do a 2nd season with the same team

  • Hello, I am just wondering if there will be an update allowing managers to do a 2nd season with their team if they reach their objective. I am the manager of Bournemouth in the Premier League and my team is 871 million squad value. They are also 2nd in the league and my objective was 7th. It is matchday 40 out of 43, but I am disappointed that I can't continue in a second season and all my hard work of getting good players and training players will go to waste. I just wish I could continue managing into a 2nd season or possibly beyond that. Could the Osm creators possibly create a feature that lets you have the option of managing a 2nd season or possibly beyond that if you made your objective in the first season and in the following seasons? That would make the game a lot more fun and realistic.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate....maybe it's disappointing not to continue to next season with the same team but this is why OSM is wonderful as is a simple for second season, maybe it will be added in the future....