Boss coins not received by

  • Dutch Users

    I just did an survey from .
    it took me like half an hour to do the whole survey about markets etc.
    It would give me 76 in game points.


    ^That link must show it. It's an image.
    I made the survey today 7/11/2019 between 21:00 and 22:00

    I hope I will stil get the coins because the survey was really long taking...
    And I made another one this noon and it also didnt work but I didnt take a picture of it and I don't rememer the ingame valuta, I hope u can look for this as well.

    Greetings El Wangko

  • @El-Wangko_NL

    Hello & welcome to the World forum! 🙂
    Please read this post carefully about the : Business Club's Special Offers

    Note: Gamebasics and Osm have nothing to do with any offers coming from the Business Club.
    These offers concern the game's Sponsors and their companies , which operate independently to Osm and GB.