Login problem due to multiple acc

  • Hi, could someone please delete the zombie_92 account?(Or if I have to email the support, let me know) So I can log in on phone with my main one, I'm gonna cut the bs and go straight to the topic, I made a new account just to spend more time on OSM since I like it a lot but did not know they removed the log in button, entirely. Did not know I was gonna be unable to log out. It's better like this so people won't use 2 accounts on phone since it's more practical than using PC.
    I can log in on PC using my main account but it's boring if someone's outside etc anyway let alone the shit chat, can someone delete this zombie_92? Thanks!

  • @nicitas Hi, cheating wont be discussed on forums

    If you suspect cheating, you can report it by going to the managers profile and use the report cheater tool that you can find there. Try to put as many screenshots as you can and be as clear as possible.
    After that you must confirm your report by going to your email address associated with OSM and click the confirmation link that will be sent to you.

  • @Manager-PR-9 So you're basically telling me to report the 2nd account I made so it can be deleted?

  • English Moderator

    Mate...if you read the rules, then you already know that it's against the rules to have multi accounts...if want the delete other account of yours, you have to do it yourself....log in to the account you want to delete, go to "profile" > "edit profile" and on the right you will find the option, disable the account...

  • @DE-XRIST That's the problem, no one actually reads Terms of Service, myself included, sorry tho.
    I know I can do it that, was just wondering if it could be done faster since I had joined a league on that recently created one and it wasn't allowing me to leave.. I guess I have to fire myself from board first but how many days does it take?

  • It's fixed now, thanks for the help!