• @The-Flamish I would love to have an option to turn off the spy on private leagues because it would be nice to be able to play OSM every now and then without having to worry about other teams knowing your tactics, even if it means I don't know theirs. I do agree that the spy should not be deleted altogether because it is good for using in open leagues every matchday. I also agree that in real life, stealing tactics from the other team is not normal nor realistic at all. But just make sure you are not too snappy when replying to others that have a different opinion than you because we all want OSM to get better to its full potential. 🙂

  • @Acantha I don't want to offend you Acantha, but it seems that you don't get the point in what The Flamish tries to explain, and I can't help it but his idea about locking the Spy isn't that strange at all! Yes, you can do secret trainingcamps and try to outsmart the opponents Spy that way, but you said that since teams never play a whole season behind closes doors, that he can't expect something like that will be added?????

    I guess he likes to play in leagues that are fairly balanced, so tactical awareness is something that is a lot more important to look after then or maybe he likes to play with the small teams, those who are expected to relegate for example...

    He just wants to make clear that football teams have some kind af style they are adapted to, but like in real life no-one knows how teams going to start the game, with a familiar tactic, or do they have some kind of surprise in mind????

    It makes the game a lot more challenging for those who are veterans here at OSM, but is the match-engine strong enough to handle this locked Spy feature?


  • @Acantha if you want the spy then don’t go in leagues that have them turned off it, simple.

    OSM locks the leagues that people create that change the moderator tools so just don’t try and join other people’s leagues that’s been made that’s locked. Easy to avoid.

    It would be nice to have that option in moderator tools I think. Why so strongly against it?

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    @jeffro-davies That's pretty simple, it belongs to tasks from the manager.
    And if you want to remove spy then you also should remove access to stats from previous matches.

  • @Acantha So a game cannot get beter ?

    So for you a game is created and it should never get modified because you just have to play the game as it is and not talk about any suggestions ?

    So your "answer" to my suggestion is: "Play alone if you don't want to geek on this game"

    As said before, teams don't spy on other teams every round either so your argument is meaningless.

    "it belongs to tasks from the manager" Do you know what a manager in real life does ? Do you know what a real data analyst does ? He watches the last matches of the opponent and with that info he sets a tactic. This also explains why it's logic to have the tactics of the previous matches: you watch them to analyze the opponent.

    I understand you're against, even though you don't give any reason but ok I respect your opinion and thank you for giving it.

    To all the others, thanks for your positive reactions, I knew I wasn't the only one who'd love to play some equally matched leagues without having to be online on the right time.

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    @The-Flamish Yes a game will be better and if it's a good suggestion then there's a chance it will be there.

    But this simply isn't a good idea, they will not lock spy for a whole season.
    Teams have also open trainings in real life, who's saying no one will check other teams out, it could even be via previcious video matches of the oponent etc.

    If the manager of the team is good then he will do his best to know all he can about his oponent, to know how to play the best against him.

  • @Acantha Sorry to go against you but you're the only one against it so I think it's a good suggestion, more it's not gamechanging in any way for people who like it this way.

    You know as I do that no intelligent trainer does tactical trainings during open trainings, they just run around do some excercices for the spectators...

    Yes agreed, if the manager is "Good" not if the manager clicked on a button. Your manager skills (analysing, interpreting) should decide if you get the info not by clicking a button.

    If you're telling me that you call someone a good manager by clicking a button then I think my point is clear.

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    @The-Flamish There are more against it only I'm the one that speaks about it here.
    Fact still is that not whole tactic is given away and those even if you don't agree with it they are an important part of the whole tactic.

    There's never a garanty for a win also, so if your tactic really is great there's an possibillity the counter will fail.

    I've already provided you enough reasons why GB will not implement this, you can agree with it or not, but you'll see it for yourself 😉

  • @Acantha I haven't really seen anyone against it here, but whatever. If someone is against or supporting a suggestion then they should speak about it here, not someone else speaking for their opinion. I still would love to see an option to turn off spy in private leagues, as mentioned earlier. But I am wondering, after using this forum for almost two months and observing: Why do you always have a somewhat negative reaction to any suggestion? Even in the suggestions chatroom, it always seemed like were always against suggestions. When I don't agree with something, I try to find ways to maybe modify it to make it better. (Not trying to be rude) But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 🙂 I would love to actually see someone of higher representation of OSM, if it is possible, provide us with reasons why this suggestion won't be implemented, or even be considered for implementation into OSM. I think we should all wait for a final response on whether this suggestion is possible or not, preferably forum a forum mod or admin instead of a regular user because we cannot keep talking about this forever. 😉

  • @Acantha I haven't seen you giving any solid reason but ok if you think you did I will let you 😉

    @uchenna-a Yes I hope a forum mod or admin would give their view on this point too, maybe they could give us real reasons why it's hard to implement or even maybe tell us that it's actually a good idea and totally doable 😉

  • @McRobbedoes_NL I forgot to answer on your post which I found interesting.

    As I feel it there would be no problem with the match engine to handle this change because the way each tactic reflects on another stays the same (I think).

    The only thing being changed is the fact you don't see which tactics the other team will use, which normally doesn't influences the match calculation algorithm to give the game result .