Possible flaw with result of game simulation

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    Hi guys,

    Been enjoying the game on iOS but severely disappointed with how it played out on my cup final loss of 0:1

    Could anyone please explain how my team of all 11 gold players (full fitness and morale) still lost to team that only had 1 gold player!!!

    Is there a flaw in the game simulation? Just seem to defeat the whole point of training to level up your players to build superior winning team.

    ![0_1579153342271_1BA96436-272A-451E-AFDA-CFE7C8A9F962.png](Uploading 100%)

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    Hello mate...i understand your disappointment but losing a game doesn't mean is a problem of the engine...as in real life, it seems that your opponent used better system and advanced tactics and managed to beat your tactics and team...no flaw on the game...

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