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    I get an error message when I try to buy boss coins. I have tried with paypal and credit card and I get the same error. I also tried adding the site to accept cookies. I have never had a problem buying boss coins before.

    This is the message I'm getting-
    Unfortunately we were unable to process this request. Perhaps your browser does not accept cookies or the previous page was a saved or cached copy?

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    @EthanE I have the same problem, tried different browsers, really weird.

  • Hello and welcome,
    I have few questions I would like to ask you,

    What payment system did you use that is causing issue,
    in witch country are you trying to pay
    and have you tried buying coins before with same system?


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    @Manager-PR-9 Thanks for replying.

    I tried with paypal and credit card.

    I'm in the UK.

    I have been buying boss coins regularly (sometimes as often as once a week) ever since I joined last May. However I haven't bought any since 7th February. I used paypal on every occasion and had no difficulties.

    The error message appeared at the point where I'm usually sent to the paypal site.

  • Dutch Users

    I sent 2 messages to the same number i've used before 6045 with the text OSM, I'm doing it from Belgium. Didn't recieve a text back with a code like normally

    Have used the SMS option the day before yesterday and everything worked

  • Hi again,

    What browser do you use?
    And could you please tell me if removing cookies/caches/temp files from browser helps or hard refresh in the same session
    Screenshot would be nice as well of URL when it shows you error message


  • English Users

    I just tried with Edge and it worked.

    I usually use Chrome. I still can't get Paypal on Chrome.

    I'm attaching screenshot and answering your questions anyway in case it's helpful for others.


    Removing cookies/caches/temp files didn't help. Neither did the suggestions in the error message. But if other users try Edge maybe that will work for them too till the problem is fixed?

  • Do you use AdBlocks or any kind of anti-virus blocking?

  • Spanish Users

    I have the same problem