Want to discuss some ratings in the English and Spanish leagues

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    I didn't mean to criticize the hard work game creators spent in making this game. However, as I scroll over the new updates some English league ratings doesn't make too much sense. Some examples and what they should be after compared to other players:

    Vardy is only 81 after the new update just days ago. Either him deserves an 84 or Ricardo Pereira should be 79. Just what I think: Vardy 84, Pereira and Perez 81-82 each

    If Xhaka is 80, Tierney should be an 82, not a 78 (What I generally mean is Tierney should be higher than Xhaka) Just what I think: Xhaka 77, Tierney 81

    Martinelli and Lacazette a bit off in my opinion. Just what I think: Martinelli 78, Lacazette 86

    It also blows my mind when the Southampton goalkeeper is higher rated than Sheffield United's and Mitrovic (2nd tier) doesn't get 81+. The Southampton (and Palace tbh) keeper should be around 73-75 while Sheffield keeper deserves 78. Mitrovic should be around 80-82.

    These are just examples, there are much more and even more of them in Spanish leagues.

    Morata is definitely an 85 after looking at the Barcelona attack.

    In conclusion, some players get a plummet they shouldn't (I mean their ratings should be kept the same as before). Some get a rise without improving performances in real life. However, these are just my own opinion so I really want to discuss with all of you managers whether you also think it doesn't make sense or just myself overreacting to some problems. Thank you for your attention.

  • I transfer some of those players in my leagues, i actually like the way OSM creators changing the stats of the players. This, definitely pushes many OSM managers to transfer what they really need.

    Some players are younger, and its easier to develop the skills with couple days of training. I think that is why there are some high and low stat arrangement between players.

    What i really wonder is the algoritm in the game between two same statted players. Do they really play better or worse as per their name? How does the extra boost work behind the algoritm?


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    Due to the Covid-19 virus there is no football in the world. As such the website transfermarkt has devaluated transer value of a lot of players. And since Gamebasics uses the data from that website for player ratings on OSM, a lot of the players will see a decrease in their ratings.

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    @FC-Eddie_NL Oh I see now. Sorry for not knowing the truth behind before posting and thank you for your information.

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    Thanks Eddie...