• Hello, OSM, i am a chilean player of your game, i have played it since 2015, but i left it sometimes. Right now i am playing it and i notice the game is much better althought i miss bigheads, and another thing i miss, but it have been removed a lot time ago is the Fantasy game mode, that i believe you were thinking to bring it back in 2017. I know there were some problems with the freedom players have to name their own teams or other problems, but i hope that if you bring it back, and remodel it, it could be an awesome game mode that your payers, including me, will love surely.
    For those new players Fantasy armour league i believe was the complete name of the game mode, was a league were you start with 70/100/150 Millions tu buy your inicial squad, then the league goes normal as nowadays, but the opportunity to create your own team (with the name you wanted), with players of any category and all users be in the same conditions make this league so enetertaining and competitive that also for crew battles will be awesome.
    Hope you to read this and discuss if this game mode will be posible to be remodel and brought back soon.
    Also sorry for my english, i believe it is understandable, but i am from Chile and english is not my strenght.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate....as it has been discussed in here many many times, it is no schedule when and if Fantasy league will come back...we can only have to wait and see....