Below Average Sales ( Too Low)

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    Hello managers , this is my first time posting on this forum so I'm hoping I'm doing alright. I am currently at matchday 14 during our leauge ( Israeli ) and my sales are way below average . The highest guys in my leauge have made around 700-800m in sales so far . The average stands roughly at 550m as of right now and yet I'm one of the lowest earners ( 390mish ) despite being super active , having 3-4 players on my transfer list each day , and not even selling them to their maximum amount . is there away you can check my leauge and see if everything is up to standards ? it quite ruins the game , I appreciate it , thank you .

  • @matansabag1993 Hi mate,

    this has not only affected you. There are many factors that make this happen:

    • random

    • selling more expensive players take more time than cheaper valued players

    • Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you aren't

    • maybe there is a cheaper player that has better abilities than the one you have put on the transfer list.... etc....

    It is an open topic in which this problem is discussed - Transfer List

    Kind regards

  • This above is correct, thanks @Lirind 👍