Fitness drops to zero after training

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    all players that received training today went to form only on one team,but two...

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    can you please fill the template given on the first topic of this forum? Put as many details/pics as you can. Thanks.

  • Romanian Users


    thanks for reply,i will try to upload two screenshots now!

    1_1483557329104_IMG_0365.PNG 0_1483557329100_IMG_0364.PNG

  • We'll investigate this, but would be nice if you can provide us more information about this:

    • Do you guys keep having this all the time, or was this a one time situation?
    • Do you remember the exact steps you guys did when this started?

    Any other info that may help us reproduce this situation will allow us to fix it faster!

  • French Users

    The problem occurred yesterday and it continue today after another training. The players had a full level of form or almost full before training.

  • @Gillar33 Hi, this is happening to me too. Can you please complete the following template:

    Login: (Login of the user with the bug)
    Account: (Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, Slot4)
    League number: (not manadatory if you don't know how to find it)
    Date & Time of the bug: (This should be as accurate as possible, for developers to check error logs)
    Platform: (Website PC/Mobile, Facebook, Android App, iPhone App, iPad App) ***
    Screenshots: (Full screen - URL and time should be presented)
    Bug step-by-step Description: (The ideal is that you describe all the steps you do to reproduce the error)

    ***For bugs related with the full website and Facebook versions, please add:

    ***For bugs related with the Android App and iOS App versions, please add:
    App Version:
    Brand/type device:
    OS version:

    Thanks 🙂

  • French Users

    Login: Gillar33
    Date & Time of the bug: Since Wednesday
    Platform: Iphone app
    Bug step-by-step Description: Players form at 0 after training
    App Version: 4.1.6
    OS Version: 9.3.5

  • German Users

    I've got the same "problem"...but if you put the players in your line up they will have their normal I think it's a simple mistake of the template...
    App Version: 4.1.6
    Brand/type device: iPhone 5
    OS version: 10.0.2

  • @Gillar33 @Felinho91 Hi, can you please both post screenshots? Thanks 🙂