2 offers completed but no boss coins

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    Hello OSM support.

    I completed two offers with ironSource but I didn't earn some boss coins.
    I sent an email to claim my boss coins but they denied my request please help me, I never play this game before and I just accept the offer of IronSource.

    Screenshot_20200501-163219.jpg Screenshot_20200428-104511.jpg Screenshot_20200501-150231.jpg

  • @YohanCroisé Hi mate,

    the reason why they denied your request is because there are several reasons you may not qualify for free Boss Coins, the most common reasons being:

    (1) You are younger than the minimum age required for the offer.

    (2) You do not live in the country which is showing in your OSM profile.

    (3) You failed to make a purchase or failed to commit to a contract when it was a requirement of the award of free Boss Coins.

    (4) The e-mail address you signed up with was not the same as the e-mail address you use for OSM. In this case there is nothing we can do to help you as we have no way of tracing your offer.

    (5) The relevant company offering the free Boss Coins may have to manually confirm the award - this can take time, so please be patient.

    (6) The company offering free Boss Coins may simply have not accepted your offer application.

    Kind regards

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    Thank you, it is probably de (4), I log in new apps with my google account and with Facebook for OSM

  • @YohanCroisé maybe it is. You are welcome.

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