I'm new, I've played OSM and got questions

  • I've played for 11 days and I want to ask :

    When the season ended, are there any options to play that still with the same old team?(work hard with this squad so don't wanna change), the cups or tournaments, something like that.

    When the season ended, I can still continue with my team right?
    And If it can be continued, the opponent managers will be changed or not?(my opponents are boring, they never enter the game)
    or everything will be still the same?

    Appreciate for the answers

  • If you finished champion in a top league, you get to go to something called cup winners cup, and entering said competition you will face other champions of other leagues, but after that, it's only a 1 season game, so after that you get to choose another team

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate...as it's said above, OSM is one season game....after the end of the season everything starts from the beginning....you can not continue with the same team but you have to choose a new one....