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    Hi All
    1 major point your training facility's are real not good since you changed them, in fact I think it ruins the game a lot, you cant improve your players or its at a very slow rate and that when the facility as been full upgraded( poor poor poor) hope you can sort this asap.


  • @boot-lacer Hi Bootlacer and welcome to the new forums. 🙂
    I will try to inform you about a few things concerning the new training of the players cause I believe you've got the wrong impression about it.
    First of all, we had a training bug during the previous 48 hours but that's must be fixed by now.
    Secondly, with the old version we were able to train only one player from each position per each round. And not all the times did we have all 4 of them improved after their session was over.
    While with the new version we are able to train 4 players from each position but 3 times per each round, that is 3 sessions during each 24 hours.
    Please take a better look at your training maybe you have a new bug mate?

    • Try to buy younger players for your squad, they get improved faster.
      You only need to spend a few Ks for each training from your club funds and it's worth every penny.
    • Continue to upgrade your training facilities, they do pay off your funds.
    • Care for extra fast training? Then use your friendly games before any important match, 2 or 3 for each round do wonders but you will need to spend 4 boss coins per each friendly you will play.

    I think you'll have a change of heart if you follow my advices. 😉

    Best of luck mate! :fingers_crossed_tone2:

    My regards,