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  • Hello I'm League Open but I can not figure out how I can throw everyone else into forgotten what I do not know

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    @fahrixD Hello mate .:relaxed:

    I had to edit your topic's title for starters , cause the use of the capital letters and words like IMPORTANT or HELP , they really not helping you.

    So , what can we do for you friend? What was your question about?
    I understand that you have created or joined an open league. Yes?
    Do you need to know : How we invite friends / managers to play on the same league?

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 I played leagues to play with my friends but strangers went in and I could not

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    @fahrixD said in Open League...:

    @SUPERNOVA-8 I played leagues to play with my friends but strangers went in and I could not

    Oh dear... My friend you want to know how to kick out a few managers from this new league?
    I'm so sorry but you cannot . There is no way really. Only the League's Moderator has the power to kick out managers from any league, but again, only when they are inactive and haven't logged in for more than 3 days/rounds.

    I'm very sorry mate but maybe you will have to wait for the next league to join with your good friends. :(

    All I can do for you now is to advise you to maybe create a private league next time , just for you and your friends.
    So no stranger can enter it , but only invited managers from the League's Moderator. :wink:

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 I'm Moderator

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    @fahrixD said in Open League...:

    @SUPERNOVA-8 I'm Moderator

    I have already explained to you. Even if you are the league Moderator , you cannot throw out any manager for no good reason. Only for inactivity and after the first rounds begin. You and your friends should have acted faster and get those clubs for you. We can do nothing at this point. Best of luck next time. :fingers_crossed_tone2:

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