10.000 Manager Points in one Season

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    I don"t understand how is possible to make 10.000 manager point with one team in one season , can you help me ?

  • Hi mate

    Is possible to win 10.000 MP. You need to manage a team with the lower objektive/goal 16 and with squad building. You need to play a league with 16 teams it's is enough but the league must be active and full with managers.

  • @AlexTIvadar

    Hello Alex & Happy New Year . ☺

    It is possible my friend but nobody ever said that it is an easy task . Right...
    Steps to achieve this amount of MPs in one season:

    1⃣ You choose to play in one of the most popular and biggest leagues of the game.
    For instance : Argentina ( 24 Clubs ), England ( 20 Clubs) or Brazil ( 20 Clubs) etc..

    2⃣ You choose a Club with a very low objective , like a G13 or a G16 .

    3⃣ You start building up your squad like you're on fire! Sell high and buy cheap every day, round by round , till your squad's improves that much that the whole value of it becomes way better than any G1 or G3 squad. 💪

    4⃣ You will also need Lady luck to be kind to you. 🍀
    A full league , aparted by real and very active managers. Cause you need as much human managers as possible to play against them and win , and not just CPU teams ( > squads that are managed by the Computer/ OSM engine).
    CPU teams don't have to offer you many points. Neither do managers that join a league and forget to loggin, and this one really sucks mate. 😥

    5⃣ You earn of course more points for beating a higher goaled team compared to yours, than beating a team lower than yours or of the same goal. So you need experience and skills in your tactics.

    6⃣ You become the Cup Winner, by reaching the Cup Final and winning the Cup of the league !

    7⃣ And then you win the whole league . You reach Position 1 with your low goal team after 1,5 month ( more or less) , a lot of good efforts in selling and buying and training and scouting players till you become the glorious Champion Manager of it ! Hooray !! 🏆

    And this way my dear Alex is how you get the long desired 10,000 MPs and also the free Boss Coins as your bonus for that awesome achievement of yours. 😄

    ⚠ You can forget the Special leagues or any other private league where Advanced Tools might have been activated by the league Moderator.
    Because the more game features are disabled the less Manager Points you get to earn at the finish line ! 😉

  • Thanks Sofie and Lirind, some great tips shared! Thanks!