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    Hello to all moderators who will read this. I have seen posts tht**cheating is not to be reported in the forums.**But im not reporting anyone But i am just asking whether You would help me decide if a manager in one of my leagues is cheating.
    The reason i ask this of you is becoz i don't want a manager to lose his (or her) account just becoz of the way the transfers and the last match took place. If he was innocent and i reported him then i wouldn't be less of a cheater would I? That's why i would ask ( or I ask permission)to put a post with some pictures and evidence so tht you all can decide whether he cheated or not. I also understand tht its purely my decision whether to report it or not (the game basic guidelines clearly states tht i shuld report cheating). But i dont want a innocent to lose his account IF he wasn't cheating. As all you moderators/staff members have played OSM for long and have experience in cheaters I ask you permission for putting up my post so tht you can help me. (P.S: for moderators and managers who read till here please simply up vote this post so tht i can post more frequently and help other fellow managers as its a pain to wait for 15 mins to post again) Thanking all the staff ( not flattering anyone. Im being honest) for helping everyone and spending their precious time with us users. (Again im not flattering anyone)👍

  • @Lakshay-Ahluwalia Hi mate,

    sorry, but as you already mentionet it yourself cheating will never be discussed via forums.

    It's not always a fact when a manager reports a cheater, that the manager really is cheating.

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    @Lirind so i shuld just press the report cheating button and explain my views? In the app? Or do i have to go to a link?

  • @Lakshay-Ahluwalia yes mate just click cheat report and add your description of what happened exactly. It is your choice of where a manager reports it - either App or Web, it's your choice. Then follow the instructions. Don't forget to activate the report by clicking on the link you'll get on your mail.

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    Hello mate....no one that is NOT cheating will be punished....note : a manager that is making some transfers in some low or high prices,in some limits of course, this is not always cheating...but if you think that a manager is cheating, yes you must report him....and this can not be done via open forums....