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    Hello I need some help in here because I completed an offer in OSM by Fyber and I haven't received the boss coins from it after 5 or 7 days already, I have screenshots from the offer and the completed offer and the reward itself, and somehow they deleted the offer from my panel after 5 days when it was "reported" and now it's gone. I sent emails and no answer, the last one they replied to me was after 3 days I sent the first email where they asked for screenshots and I sent them and after that no coins, no emails, nothing so what can osm staff do for that??

  • @Ribeirense92 Hi 🤝,

    Unfortunately OSM Staff can do nothing about it, as the offers that you are trying to finish are correlated with those that offer it, OSM simply pays you the coins after the X-Company determines that X-Person has finished an offer.

    You finish the offer ➡ the one offering the offer e.g: Fyber confirms that you finished the offer correctly ➡ OSM gives you the boss coins.

    However, if you're still confident that you finished the offer and wanna take this further down the road, try reaching out to the support team via an e-mail and explain everything to them:


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    Please take a look here for not receiving boss coins from offers...