illegal transfers in winners cup!! .

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    hello .. there is a manager made illegal transfers with other managers in the winner cup .. I train my team to reach 3 billion so i really don't want to lose the cup
    .. now he also 3 billion squad by cheating i do make a report yesterday at
    18/ June /2020 ..
    at 11:43
    so I understand I have to wait 3-5 days to make the action but the group stage ended and now he is the first manager I play against at the knock-out stage .... as I say now I am playing against a cheater so .. is there is any possible way to banned
    him fast before I lose the game as he is a cheater my chance to win is weak .. so this topic to see if there is any way make him banned fast before my match tomorrow at 21:15
    because it will be unfair if he win the match by his cheating
    at the end all i want is to make an action for his cheating quickly
    manager name : ze_rafa10
    prof for his cheating by illegal transfers :

  • @fekry-khalil Hi mate,

    there's no point to try to report it through forums. Cheatings will never be discussed or reported through forums. You have him/her already reported and so you have to be patient and wait till your report is handled.

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    Helo have to wait till someone from Staff deal with your report....