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    i have a couple of questions.
    1)what is the point of crews?
    2)how do you earn reputation?
    3)why am i not able to upvote any posts?
    please can people please give explanations asap.also, i could do with having some more followers.

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    @winnie-obelix-pooh 1) crews are like a group of managers. The can take part in crew battles. 5 managers of a crew versus 5 managers of another crew. They get to fight in the leagues of some country (currently it is in England i guess) before it was Argentina before tht was Italy and before tht was Greece). So each player from a crew gets a team. The battle goes on for 10 match days. Each player gets a random team. (You will see when u join a crew). If you have ever played the games we grew up playing then i can put it in this way. Crews are like your clans in Clash of Clans. They are like your guild from Castle Clash. They are like your clans from Clash Royale etc and many other such games.
    2) reputation is the number of upvotes other managers/moderators have done to your post
    If they like your post or your suggestion or answer they upvote it and u get reputation. If your post was upvoted 3 times by 3 managers you will get 3 reputation. Similarly u can down vote a post if it is bad. But keep in mind tht if you down vote a post your reputation will go down by tht number. (In other words OSM is saying tht u shuld just ignore a post tht u didn't like. If it is so bad then u might down vote it at the expense of your own reputation).
    3) The reason you can't upvote or down vote is becoz you are new and becoz you haven't posted a lot of times. Becoz i have posted 58 times (I guess you can up/down vote after you have posted a bunch of times ( i think 30 or 25 it could be more or less)), so as i have helped and asked tht many questions i have the right to upvote ir down vote other's posts. Also you can only upvote only a certain amount of times in one day. I guess 3 or 5 upvotes a day only.
    Followers well..... you just have to see who will do tht. I have 5 followers out of which one is you 😂😂. If u have instagram the simplest way i can put this is.... its like liking a post in insta or Facebook or snapchat etc.

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    i am in a spot of difficulty with my team
    as you are more experienced then can i have any help.they would be most useful

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    Please don't open similar topics...

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