Please. Help Me

  • Boas. Eu preciso da vossa ajuda. Eu entrei em 1 liga da minha turma mas só que me enganei ao escolher a equipa e pus desistir.Quando fui para voltar a escolher a equipa nao consegui, pois diz que "Vou desistiu da liga e da equipa". Podem me ajudar queria entrar naquela liga :(

  • @MrBEdu English please :slight_smile:

  • English Moderator

    @MrBEdu Hello mate and welcome to the OSM forums. :relaxed:

    I have to inform you that you have opened a topic on the Global forum and that means you can use only the English language in here to make your posts. If you do not know how to speak English then you could try to post using your native language and your own Portuguese forum ( since you have found the right language group ).

    Thank you in advance . :handshake_tone2:

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