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    Hello I have info in my clock that spy is finished but nothing happened. I send again and I have new report but old spy is still in my clock. Why that info not disappear.

  • @wujek99 Hello mate and welcome to the Global forum. ☺
    First of all I will need from you a detailed explanation of the situation. You might have a bug to report. How the spy works:
    We use a small amount of our club funds (like 25k ) to send our spy on his mission about our next opponent. He returns after one hour with his report and we get the notification. After that we do not have to pay again for him to spy the same opponent. If we open his page and view his report , normally the notification must go off your screen. But if your opponent changes his tactics then your spy report automatically changes and you can view the latest changes without paying anything again.
    So what exactly happened to you?
    Could you provide us a screen shot of your situation please?

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    link to picture https://zapodaj.net/2298531185d01.png.html

    Why after opened news about spy still light in this clock...?

  • @wujek99 My friend from your screen shot I can tell that : 1. you have not clicked yet to open and read your spy`s report. If you do that the green tick and the notification must go away.
    Or , 2. you have a second notification about your players training let's say, then the clock is warning you that you have another work to do too.

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    I click for this many times but is still in clock...

    Still is Spy finished...

  • @wujek99 Alright then. In that case please do me a favor and logout from your game. Clean up all your history of your browser and cookies etc . Then loggin again. If the problem still exists I will need from you to fill in a bug report template. But first let's try a simple cleaning.

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    I do that cookies etc. Still info with spy (in app too) ... But it's weird in morning I get 38k maybe for this bug spy

  • @wujek99 I'm sorry my friend but your english is not always clear enough for me to understand you.
    What do you mean ? What happened this morning with your club funds?

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    My money return 38k for my account . Spy costs 38k

  • @wujek99 You are a Polish user , as I can see from your forum profile. Did you make a bug report already at the Polish forum mate? That can explain the 38K money refund that you have got this morning.

    Mate I just checked your forum profile again and it looks like our Mod colleagues are helping you already with your Spy problem . I will close this topic now. Please keep in mind that there is no need for double posts of the same problem when you are getting your help and answers from the Polish Mods and Staff.

    P.S. The next time you will need to post a screen shot of your problem we will not accept a small one.
    We always need a full screen shot with the date and time to be seen for your bug report.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Yes I wrote there. I don't know why I've get 38k to my account but I think for badly Spy because a spy costs 38k

    I still have this problem so I wrote sorry..

  • @wujek99 Like I said earlier, it's better that you use your native language for your own good.
    Besides thats why we have so many different language groups. For managers's best interest.
    Have a nice day! 🙂