• hi how i can search player and buy from other lig

  • Hi mate

    Use scout for this otherwise you can't buy players from others leagues.

  • @kiamalekivash You can't specifically search for players from other leagues.
    You can either pick a player that is available on the transfer list or you can send your scout to search for the kind of player you would be interested in. And also of course you can make an offer ( the so called Negotiations feature) for any player in your own league, but that player must belong to a team that is controlled by a human manager and not by bot/computer.
    These are all your optionsfor buying players.

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    @kiamalekivash , @Lirind , @Exter98
    Thank you all gentlemen for visiting the forum and helping each other. :relaxed:
    We really appreciate your help and support. :handshake_tone2:

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