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    If I got Offer and I go to Negotiate it, change the new amount on price then it says "Something went wrong, please help us by reporting on the forums."

  • @Tranter Hello mate. ☺
    Ok , you got this message and you did report it on the forum, but if you refresh your page you can proceed with the negotiation and the change of the amount. Right or no?
    If the game does not allow you to make a new negotiation then please post a screen shot for us to see exactly what is going wrong for you.
    Thanks mate. 😉

  • English Users

    After I change the amount and push the "confirm" button, then comes the error message and cant send the new negotiation amount to buyer. Using opera browser.

  • Hi mate,

    As you can see now on your account the negotiate is working properly....

    This seems a local issue.

    Try to clear your browser cache, cookies, temporary internet files (you can use ccleaner for that, easy to use) and then try again!

    If problem remains, please report it back creating a new topic and filling in the template provided here