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    We were 13 friends in same league. I was the league moderator and it was a locked league. I resigned from my team because i wanted to change my team. And then the moderator became "osm". So now i can't join the league because i need permission to get in.

    Please help.

  • Hi mate

    You cant join again in this league, because if you resing from on league you cant join again on this league.

    You need to play in another league or create a new league 😄

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    really? can't i even have my former club

  • Unfortunality this is not possible, once your resign from the league you cant join again

  • @burhangcr Hello my friend . :slight_smile:

    I have no idea what made you decide to click on that resign button 😞 , especially from a private league that you personally had created for yourself and your friends and you were the league's Mod too and of course that also means that you were the first to choose which Club to manage before anybody else.

    I am so sorry mate but Lirind was right, there is no turning back for you since you resigned from your Club's contract and League.😥

    I wish you could have asked us first . Best of luck for your future leagues my friend. :fingers_crossed_tone2:

    Thanks @Lirind :ok_hand_tone2: