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    Hi, I wonder if it's ok to get 2 injuries in a cup final, both in the first half, when both me, and my opponent are playing with tackling set on normal, and not only that, but both injuries are the same (dead leg), and for some reason the two players I lose are Ceballos (my captain and the corner taker) and Sigurdsson (the penalty and free kick taker). Meaning that I lose my entire specialists set-up just like that, in the first 43 minutes of the game. Also, the last time I've even had an injury to any players was like two seasons ago, and now two in the final, both dead leg, to my two crucial players in the team? Why does it feel deliberate, instead of being a coincidence? I've been with OSM since 2012, and have also unfortunately spent money on your game as well, on multiple occasions. I've lost many finals, and it's ok, when it's fair, I don't want to come across as a sore loser (which I probably am anyway), but this is just extremely weird, I mean come on, no injuries for TWO SEASONS and now two in one game, in the final?

    I'd like some kind of an explanation, as I'm seriously considering abandoning OSM altogether after this. Thank you.

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    @Beau-Hyry Hi,

    The reasons for disability
    (bookings) are just a random set of comments which the engine picks from when the player is injured given.

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    I'm sorry, but there are 38 league games in a 20-team league season (discounting cups). Two seasons comprise of 76 games. In addition, I'm currently running another season on a different slot, where I'm 17 games in. And there were 12 games in that Champions Cup campaign, before the final. That's 105 games with no injuries, and then TWO in one game, and it happens to be in the final. In other words, in the most important game out of those 105. Hopefully, you can understand my frustration, and why it feels like something more than just a random set of circumstances. I realize that in theory that's how the game engine works, but in that case, injuries should happen much more frequently, for it to be more realistic and less suspicious when something like this happens. Thank you for your answer, but it didn't make this situation look any more transparent.

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    Mate, maybe it looks unfair but take in mind that you are in the final, maybe, because in all the other games you didn't have any other injuries....you see the coin has two sides....you are pleased that you had no injuries in so many games, but you don't like two i injuries in one game.....also winning or loosing is not based on injuries...is based on many other things like player value, tactics,etc of both teams....

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    @Beau-Hyry yes this is a problem osm has to fix

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