Manager has several teams on same league

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    Hello everyone!

    Im participating on a league where a manager is clearly controlling several teams in order to build a super-squad by buying the players with his secondary teams and selling them to the main team for their exact price or even lower.

    My question is, is it enough to report this manager through is profile (which i already did) or is it possible to submit a more detailed report in order to increase the likelihood of him being banned?

    Thanks in advance for the answers!

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    @ricab17 bro cheating will never be discussed in the forums. If you have sent an email or sent a cheating report through the game or both, then all you can do is wait. They will look into it. I had a similar cheater in one of my leagues and he got banned after i report. Keep in mind tht the investigation could take 20-30 days. For me it took tht long. For u it could be less maybe 😀

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    Hello mate....the report of the manager from his profile is enough....i hope you put as much details there, as you of our staff member will look into the report as soon as possible....